What To Be Grateful For This Holiday Season

As the Holiday season is upon us, light and joy are the catalysts for the ultimate expression of gratitude. Are you grateful during the Holidays? Even though the Holidays are the epitome of grace and magic with swirling decorations surrounding pine trees, classic carols, and family get-togethers, their upcoming arrival seem to initiate an additional level of stress in some of us. Perhaps this is a time to get somewhat sidetracked in terms of relationship status, career level, etc. Instead of panicking about what you don’t have, here are some things you can calmly and joyfully be grateful for during the holiday season:

A roof over your head

Do you have a home, somewhere to sleep, somewhere to go out of the cold? We take it for granted, the simplest yet most important level of warmth and protection we have. Acknowledge the magnitude of your home, your sanctuary: a form of shelter to which you can come and go to anytime. Ultimately, it is something you can truly appreciate not only during the Holiday Season, but on a regular daily basis as well. If your home provides you with further supplies including a refrigerator to store nourished food, a faucet for clean water, and a bathroom so that your hygiene is taken care of, be grateful. A simple yet overlooked luxury. Here is an opportunity for us all to appreciate and value all that we have in this present moment.

Food to eat

Another easy one: We are always thinking what our next meal will consist of; do we want chicken, a pizza, a Caesar salad? Yet we may not necessarily be fully grateful for the fact that food is what sustains us on a daily basis. During your next meal, say a little gratitude message for the food that is in front of you, as it is your direct energy source for life.

Family and friends

When we have our rough times or happy times that we want to share our memories with, we go to certain people to help us either get out of a sticky situation or join in on our achievements. Perhaps we also take these people for granted. Now it is the perfect time so show some gratitude to those people. Maybe you want to buy them a little present (or something homemade from the heart) to show them how special they are to you.

Technological appreciation

Technology is a genius invention that ultimately helps us stay in closer contact with anything and everything. Everything you need to look up is literally at your fingertips where you can directly and conveniently scoop out information by “googling” anything imaginable. So take a step back to fully appreciate the fact that the Internet invariably provides us with solutions to which we would probably be lost without. Whether you are looking at someone’s Facebook status, researching the importance of a raw-based diet, or setting up a Skype chat with your Grandma, feel that sense of gratitude and say thank you for this astounding technologically inclusive innovation.

 Loving yourself just as you are

This may or may not be a challenging one. When all your level of gratitude focuses unwaveringly on you, how you feel? Do you look in the mirror and truly admire everything that you are? We need to show more self-love to ourselves so that it can spiral out in the external world naturally and spread from person to person. Any imperfections that you have, love them. Anything that you feel insecure about, love it anyway. Here is a time to simply be you, and that is just enough.

Now you can be grateful during the Holiday Season by simply being in the moment and appreciating everything that you have and that you are. Wishing you all a happy and healthy Holiday Season filled with joy and gratitude!

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