Unforgettable Rich Spiced Chai Latte Bath

Melt Into An Unforgettable Rich Spiced Chai Latte Bath


trimmed the tree

decked the halls

open every box and bag

carved the roast beast

and rang in the new year

Why, the Holidays are finally over and it’s time to R E L A X ! Take advantage of your recently empty social calendar, open a bottle of wine just because and make something for yours truly. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience, read full disclosure policy.


Melt Your Cares Away

Take a clue from none other than the queen of relaxation – Cleopatra herself. Who soaked in legendary milk baths with essential oils to relax, soften, and moisturize the skin. This recipe for a rich spiced chai latte bath is no different. Let warming clove, cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom essential oils melt your cares away!


Gather Supplies:

1/4 cup epsom salt

2 1/8 cups powdered milk

1/4 cup arrowroot powder or cornstarch

3 drops cardamom essential oil

2 drops ginger essential oil

4 drops cinnamon essential oil

3 drops clove essential oil

1/4 cup pink himalayan salt, coarse

2 tablespoons chai tea, loose leaf

1 airtight apothecary jar

How To Make Spiced Chai Latte Bath:

In a medium mixing bowl combine epsom salt, powdered milk, and arrowroot powder. For a vegan milk bath use coconut powdered milk. Blend with a fork to break up clumps in powdered milk. Pour milk mixture into a apothecary jar.

Next, scoop pink himalayan salt into mixing bowl. Add each drop of essential oil and blend to thoroughly combine oils. Pour infused salts over milk mixture in the apothecary jar. Last, sprinkle loose leaf chai tea on top of infused salts. Place the lid on the apothecary jar and store. Use milk bath within six months.

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