Sleek Distorted Dreams & Metallic Mattes Collection

Sleek is one brand that is always all over social media, mainly for their amazing highlighter palettes but would you believe I don’t own one?! I have used them as my sister swears by the Face Contour Kit but I hadn’t really tried anything else so I was so excited when their new collection dropped through my letter box and they certainly don’t disappoint!



Distorted Dreams Highlighter Palette *

This has to be one of the most gorgeous palettes I have ever seen – every shade is so amazing and shimmery as they contain holographic pigments. The palette contains 3 cream and 2 powder highlights, each a different shade which makes them perfect for creating a multitude of looks, including being perfect for festival season or if you are really into the unicorn look. Each of these is so pigmented and while a couple look a little scary, they look completely different when applied to your skin. For example, the blue goes more silvery on your skin. The creams also make beautiful eyeshadows and are so easy to apply as you can use your finger to pat the colour on. The packaging, although not practical for smudgy fingers, as so pretty with the mirror effect and I love that the mirror inside is full size and not too magnified.

Metallic Matte Me Lip Creams *

I’m still a huge fan of liquid lipsticks and I think metallic lips feel so festival ready and these 3 three are beyond gorgeous! Volcanic is a muted purple/pink, Roman Copper is a rec toned copper and Rusted Rose is a frosty pink shade – this one is my absolute favourite of the three as it is subtle enough for everyday wear. I would say the Volcanic is best over another lip colour as it has the thinnest formula and you would need a number of layers to get it even. The other two are perfect on their own but can also be won as a lip topper. They do dry to a matte but still have the metallic finish that they should and I found them quite comfortable to wear, but for prolonged wear, I would use a lip balm underneath.

Top – Rusted Rise, Middle – Roman Copper, Bottom – Volcanic

This new collection from Sleek is perfect if you are going to any festivals this year and all the shades catch the light and look amazing – if you are feeling brave there is nothing stopping you using them everyday! Both the palette and the lip creams are available now at both Boots and Superdrug.

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