I have used Rituals products for a long time, and my favorites (of all time) are from the series called The Ritual of Anahata. I use these products every time I shower, want to give my skinn a little treatment or have myself some spa-time. Rituals are perfect for home-spa by the way, all the fragrances make you completely relaxed while leaving your skin shiny and soft.





Rituals has released a new and limited edition series called The Ritual of Anahata, and I have to say that I really love it! The products contain the fragrances Rosewood (which is closely linked to the heart chakra and is known to contain healing and soothing energy)and Pine (provides energy to keep a steady course in difficult times + renews both physical and mental energy). Perfect if you wish to slow down while you have a busy time after the holidays. It´s really important to stop and reflect sometimes, and also to relax once in a while, so you can regain your balance in life again. That´s exactly what The Ritual of Anahata is designed for, to help you slow down and embrace the diversity of the human soul. I really feel like this fragrance does that for me. Every time I shower or meditate while using the products from the Anahata series, I feel immediately relaxed and light, like my senses are opening up. Maybe it´s the smell, I don´t know, but it is really working.



Body scrub

Heart enchanting body scrub. First of all I use the body scrub, to remove impurities and dead skinn. I also feel like I´m removing bad vibes actually, hehe. This scrub is leaving my skinn so soft that the shower foam feels even better on my skinn afterwards.



Relax while showering

Heart opening shower foam. This shower foam has a soft texture and of course it smells amazing. They say that this smell enhancers your mood and helps you to relax  your heart, body and mind.


Body cream

Spread the love body cream. After having a shower, I use the relaxing moisturizer to extend the same scent experience.


Meditation candle

Illuminate your heart candle. This rosewood and pine scented candle is “the thing” if you want a warm and relaxing atmosphere in the room while your are meditating or studying. I really love to use it while I´m blogging or reading a book, but I am actually lighting it every evening for about 30 minutes to get that scent in the room.


The perfume 

For Her and for Him. Before going out I always spray on with this amazing scent, so I can continue to feel good and calm. Rituals have created two perfumes, for Women and for Men. They are a little bit different, but to be honest I like using both of them, since the perfume for Men is actually Unisex. It´s of course more masculine, but not so much that it doesn’t fit on a woman as well.


I think that The Ritual of Anahata is the perfect gift when you want to do something extra for yourself or others. Show your family and friends that you care about their wellbeing, and buy them a product that their mind and body will enjoy!


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