How to Finally Start Making Money Blogging

Are you wondering how people make money blogging? There are a lot of ways but, one great one I found is


ShareASale is a very easy to use website where you apply to become an affiliate with merchants. They have TONS of merchants you can work with and most of them will accept you right away! Once you are accepted, the merchant or company will provide you with a referral link, banners, coupon codes and more to help you promote and sell their product on your blog.

Your commission is either a percentage per sale or a dollar amount per sale and per lead. Merchants like MyThemeShop LLC pay 55% per sale! WP Engine pays $200 per sale!

You get to choose who you work with so you can stay in your blog’s niche and write about what you enjoy. If you enjoy writing about healthy living try becoming an affiliate for Microbiome Plus!

I hope this helped some new bloggers out! Good luck and remember, hard work pays off ?

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