Last week I ordered some bits and pieces of Di!, a Belgian drugstore, because I had run out of them and I really wanted to try out some products I’ve never used before.


So, when I received the goodies it arrived in this simple box which is totally okay because I throw it away anyway. As you can see on the picture the box was on the inside pink and had on one side the logo which I really liked!



Cleansing Gel Delicate Flowers – L’Oréal Paris

This cleansing gel for dry and sensitive skin with delicate flowers, rose and jasmine extracts ensures pure, soft and fresh skin. Rose is known for its calming effect and jasmine for its protective and calming effect. The combination of the two scents provide a sensory experience. The gel removes make-up and softens the skin, cleans it and removes impurities. When in contact with water, the gel transforms into an airy foam. Immediately after using the gel, the skin feels clean and soft.

In my personal opinion, I don’t think the scent is very special but it has something (positive wise) that I can’t really describe… The cleansing gel is absolutely great and I  would a 100% recommend it! I really like this range from L’Oréal! I have tried some of their products before and both make-up and skincare ranges are amazing! I use the product both morning and evening. I thought that the bottle would be quite small, but it’s actually quite big (150ml)!

Make Up Wipes Delicate Flowers – L’Oréal Paris

In addition to the use of the cleasing gel, I wanted to try the make up wipes for dry and sensitive skin. It has also delicate flowers, rose and jasmin in it. In one single stap you can remove impurities and make-up, even waterproof, and it hydrates the skin. The wipes make your skin feel clean, pure and very soft.

Infaillable Lip Paint Nudest (201 Hollywood Beige) – L’Oréal Paris

The lip paint is a creamy liquid lipstick with a matt effect. The ultra comfortable formula colors your lips with exceptional coverage and is easy to apply with the soft “do foot” applicator. Moreover, the liquid lipstick does not dry out your lips.

I wanted to try a product I’ve never tried before, neither from another brand which is a lip paint. I really like to wear nude colours because I think they suit me the best, even though sometimes I would like to wear a bright red. This one is called Hollywood Beige which seemed a lot less pinky/orangy on the website than it is in reality.

You can see on the swatch that it isn’t as matt as other matt liquid lipsticks , it’s more like a lip gloss I would say. However, I really like that it is very pigmented and very easy to apply! And oh, the smell is a-ma-zing – I wish you guys could smell it haha! I think I’m going to use this a lot!

Fit Me Concealer – Maybelline

With the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer you cover imperfections such as redness, spots or dark eye circles with a 100% natural result. Thanks to the exclusive transparent base and light pigments, this concealer adapts completely to your skin tone.

When I first saw it, I was like “This is way too dark” even when I ordered the lightest shade “10 Light”. As you might see on the swatch you definitely notice that the colour is too dark – and I know that you should test it out on your face but I had to show you the colour. I’ve tried the concealer and I’m very impressed by the coverage – in a positive way! Moreover, it’s easy to apply and the applicator has the right amount of liquid on it.

Master Prime (Illuminating Primer) – Maybelline

With this base you radiate your skin in no time! The skin-friendly, non-greasy formula of Maybelline’s Master Prime Primer gives you that enviable glow and ensures that your make-up stays beautiful for a longer period.

I have always used a creamy primer, but this one is very liquidy. I fell in love with it from the first time I’ve used it! It makes your skin feels soft and even awake, it makes it look so much healthier. Besides, there’s like a little bit of glitter in it which gives the product an extra effect.

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 Left: Illuminating Primer (you can see some sparkles) – Maybelline
Middle: Lip Paint – L’Oréal
Right: Fit Me Concealer – Maybelline

Eyebrow Stylist – Sleek

This double-sided pencil is the ideal styling tool to draw your eyebrows. On one side is the pencil, with a soft, extra pigmented formula that lasts all day. Draw hairs with sketching movements and brush through your eyebrows, for a natural result.

I’m not gonna lie, but I was very disspointed when I opened the product. Because of my blond hair I ordered the pencil in the shade “Light”, but it was way too dark! It was definitely more like a light brown-ish. I’ve swatched it on my hand and it was really pigmented as they had mentioned. As you may notice I don’t have a better picture then the overview of my order – It’s the black pencil – because I had to send it back. Sleek does normally quite good make-up products, I love their highlighters, but this time… But overall, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to buy anything from them in the future!

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I hope you’ve liked my little order from Di! All About Beauty. Have you tried one of these products before? What is your opinion about them? Or which products do you recommend from the brands I’ve mentionned? Let me know in the comments!

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