Are you fed up with all the standard destinations that travel agencies offer yearly? You know what I mean… New York and again New York, Paris, London, Rome etc. Well, I am too, and I’ve promised myself that from now on, I’ll try to visit less promoted destinations that do not require reservations way in advance and are budget friendly.


  • Budepest, Hungary


It has to be one of the most beautiful destinations in Central Europe. I’ve visited twice for Christmas and hope for a third in the future. The prices are extremely reasonable, the food ridiculously delicious and the scenery out of a fairy tale!


  • Prague, Czech Republic


Prague’s beauty is well known to every respected traveler. Just imagine gothic castles, cobblestone squares and bridges over rivers, all brightened by thousands of Christmas lights. Just be careful with Absinth (I’m telling you from experience).

  • Brasov, Romania


Have you ever heard of Transylvania? The place where Vlad Dracula lived (or should I say lives?). So imagine that place all dressed up for Christmas, combine that with spooky tales about vampires and multiply it with Gothic castles and beautiful markets and there you have it: perfect medieval scenery, uniquely different than anything you’ve experienced so far! Did I mention how tasty Romanian food is?


  • Bratislava, Slovakia


Among the less popular European capitals – something that’s completely unreasoned, Bratislava, has nothing to be jealous of her cousins Budapest and Vienna. What she lacks in size, she has in Christmas spirit. Beautiful architecture, cute little markets, delicious food and extremely low prices will ensure a great time.


  • Belgrade, Serbia


Did you think I’d forget to mention it? Nope. My current home could not miss this list. Not only because this year the government spent a large amount of money to decorate the city better than it’s ever been, but also due to the Old Calendar. I mean, Serbians celebrate Christmas on January (7/1) and they have another New Years 5 days later (13/1). So you can celebrate Christmas in your country and then celebrate it AGAIN in Belgrade that keeps the party going for 13 more days!!


In conclusion, the point is you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a magical time in the most beautiful time of the year. These 5 tested, budget friendly destinations will make sure of it.


Merry Christmas!

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