It is always difficult for me to pinpoint exactly which fragrance embodies and defines a whole year for me, but for me to do so, I always get drawn to those fragrances where as soon as I smell it, it will take me back to a very specific time/date/place. This particular fragrance which I chose is primarily down to the memories that come rushing back whenever I spray this upon my skin and for the sheer fact it is heavenly!

My top fragrance of 2017 is;

Byredo – Seven Veils

  • Fragrance Notes: Carrot, Pink Pepper, Vanilla, Rose, Wisteria, Orchid, Sandalwood.20171229_121728218_iOS.jpg

I purchased Seven Veils earlier this year back in April when I visited Paris for my birthday. I had initially wanted Super Cedar, but when I sampled Seven Veils, there was something very chic and sophisticated about the fragrance that it just felt better suited to Paris! Even now as we’re at the end of the year, it still takes me back to Springtime in Paris. Bliss!

The opening of Seven Veils is immediately captivating with the rather unique Carrot note going hand in hand with the Pink Pepper note creating a bold and spicy feel to it. As the dry-down begins, the Vanilla and the Floral notes add a warmth to the fragrance and overall feels rather boozy… In terms of the longevity, Seven Veils lasted for up to 9-10 hours upon my skin! Absolutely incredible and could still be smelt on my skin/clothing the next day! The sillage of Seven Veils is heavy with the projection being very loud, I would advise only a few sprays at a time when wearing this.

As I purchased this fragrance back in Springtime I was able to test out the fragrance in all of the seasons and in terms of its best delivery and to really maximise the most out of Seven Veils, I would recommend wearing this scent mid Autumn, early Winter. During the lighter Spring/Summer seasons I found it to be a little too dense and overpowering at times, but with the cold, crisp air highlighting the fragrance, it truly is one to try out for yourself! I have also received many compliments from having worn this also…

You can purchase Seven Veils by Byredo here!

Have you tried Seven Veils before? If so, what are your thoughts on the fragrance? Have you smelt any Byredo fragrances? Which is your favourite? Do you have a favourite fragrance of 2017? Which is it!? Do let me know your thoughts as I would love to hear from you, and don’t forget to click the ’like’ button below!

P.S. Have a cracking New Year!

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