My World = My Reality


Welcome to my world 🙂

Since you are here, you will definitely want to know me a little closer. No problem, I’ll say a few words about myself.


My name is Ania, and everyone calls me NuSia, and why I do not know where it came from. Why did I decide to run a blog? hmm i’m running some websites and it has fascinated me for a few years now. I am interested in literally, a little bit of that computer games, music, photography, volleyball … and many other things.

All in all I am full If you want to know more? Write, ask,  🙂
I’ll be happy to answer I am not responsible for the use of the advice contained in the texts or comments. I encourage you to think independently

I have my opinion, I have always had, as well as each of you. There will always be everything here in your mind. Why? Because it is My Vision of the World. Do you have your own? Write, I will gladly come in with you in the conversation. And now? Well, nice reading. Make yourself at home.


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